Healing is not a straight line

Oh dear heart,

This healing thing that they talk about is messy. I know, I know you’re hurting; screaming; crying. But it’s all part of healing you see. Healing from what exactly? I’m afraid even I can’t tell you that. But, healing. That’s all we can hold on to right now.

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I am thinking of Ending Things

The title of this post is inspired by the book of the same name by Ian Reid.

One among the many things that I related to in this book was that once this thought enters your mind; there is no escaping from it. I am thinking of ending things. 6 words that can break someone’s heart; make someone panic; send them into a frenzy of fear; or just plain destroy them. I am thinking of ending things. I love how these 6 words mean so many different things in so many different contexts.

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