Time heals all wounds, they say. When you’re grieving, give it time. Things get better with time. So, you do. What is time? Is it a magic wizard with spells that can solve all problems? Or is it the supreme which can bend the universe to find a solution? Neither. Time is the

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Trusting him again will take time. It will take time and pain and tears and sleepless nights. It will take restlessness and absent-mindedness and clueless-ness. It will take draining yourself out of emotions. It will take feelings of worthlessness and being unwanted. It will take doubts and fears and apprehensions and worries…

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We go through the days shrugging in a hundred fleeting moments–each shrug a response to the questions our mind won’t stop asking. We order our coffees and smile at strangers. We blast the radio in the car wishing we were driving into the horizon. We look at people in love and smile with moist eyes pretending it doesn’t bother us; pretending

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