Dear December | The 26th | The 27th

Dear December,

You be getting cold as you’re about to say goodbye! ❤ And well, here’s me promising that as we’re nearing your farewell, I will go back to writing a letter to you every day. ^_^

Let me fill you up! Continue reading “Dear December | The 26th | The 27th”

Dear December | The 20th | The 21st | The 22nd

Dear December,

Miss me? I did too. But oh well, I did not want to write to you out of obligation because that’s just rude and you know I only do things with all my heart. The past two days were those where I struggle to be productive all day and as the night comes, I want to sink into bed and just be (or rather not be). But since I want to write to you today, it’s only courteous that I fill you in on the missing days. Continue reading “Dear December | The 20th | The 21st | The 22nd”

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