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An Invisible, Intangible, Infuriating Agony

Oh, there you are, again. Gentle, quiet, authoritative. You’ve come without an invitation. You’ve come unannounced. You’ve brought with yourself the tools of torture. Some memories, some apprehensions, some pain, some assumptions. I see a meaningless guilt is accompanying you. And restlessness is there too.

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Dear December | The 3rd to 12th

Dear December,

Hi. I know I am I can’t just disappear for 10 days and then come back and say hi. But hey, hi. I missed you. No, I was not ignoring you. I was not in a self-destruction mode. Well, not entirely. I was just too caught up in everything that I couldn’t find the peace (and piece)of mind I need to talk to you. But, I am here now, so, let’s catch up?

I’ll be honest and tell you that I do not remember all the things I did in these 10 days and so I won’t be able to give you an hour by hour outline but I can tell you that these were the most productive days of the year.

Mostly, I was busy with Its Hemp. Would you believe it? I came up with the idea of hosting a nation-wide Secret Santa to bring people together and with a little help from Srijan (obviously), we were able to pull it off! It’s still going on because it is intended for the new year but it’s going pretty steady and I am proud of it.

Other than that, there was a little bit of work here, a little bit there but another thing that made these days the most productive was that I started chanting again. Yep, you read that right. So, on a random day, I got this lightning bolt of a realization of how much I truly missed being able to chant and converse with my BSG family. So I sat down and started chanting. Just like that. And before I knew it, I had chanted for an hour.

And then, Aanchal (bless her soul) called me out of the blue to invite me to a meeting. I went and it was the best fucking decision. Since last week, my practice has been going on steady. I’ve been chanting for 2 hours a day and I also did a 3:20 on Sunday. I think its primarily because of that that I have finally found time to talk to you.

The introvert in me wants to tell you, very proudly, that I have been socializing a little (we’ll focus on feeling guilty about that later) and I have made 3 new friends whom I am truly beginning to cherish. So, yeah, that. ❤

Other than that, life has been pretty good. My unexpected and inexplicable mood swings continue to come and go but I am so okay with them that I don’t even care anymore.

I can catch up on today!

The 12th


Today began late! I woke up from bhaiya’s call at 7:30 and then just ran down the stairs. But by 8:30, everything was restored to normal and I finally had my morning cup of chai. I chanted for an hour and then left for office. You were so unexpectedly cold today, by the way. Thanks.


Pretty busy day at work. I was a little blah when I sat down to work but it just got okay then so I shrugged it off. Then, we had butter chicken for lunch (so much for thinking of detoxifying my body) but hey! I had a guava before that so that’s cool. Right?

Anyway, I came home at 4 because this week its my turn to dog-sit Ram Dayal from 4:30 to 7:00.

It is 6:49 pm as I write this to you with Ram Dayal napping in my lap. And I don’t really have a musing of the day, or 10 days, but just that in these 10 days, I have been at peace. I did go into a self-destruction mode on Monday and Tuesday but I’m okay. I’ve got this. ❤

See you when I see you, December,

Love, and lots of it,

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