Dear December | The 2nd

I am exhausted. But in a good way. I just had my post-dinner cup of chai (yep that’s a thing in my life now) and I think I will probably dose off in the middle of this letter.


You know I have always loved you cold. But this time around, I can’t seem to enjoy it. In April, I went into this phase when I wouldn’t want to move at all. And so I would just lie very still in bed. Recently (read the past two weeks) I have been feeling the same. Now when I wake up, I just lie there waiting for this intangible heaviness to go away. And in the middle of all of that, I just forget to enjoy all your coldness.

Today was one of those mornings. I woke up at 6 but got out of bed at 7.15. It’s okay. It’s the new normal now. Anyway, after all the household chores and playing with Ram Dayal, I brewed myself a cup of chai and headed to work with my tumbler in my hand.


Srijan and I caught up after the weekend today and I made a video where I look super weird but hey, that’s just who I am. Then, both of us got to work and well that is mostly what happened.


We had a lunch date today! Okay, so it was the catching up in detail that we did here. We went to this beautiful place that had this cozy sofa seating by a fireplace. No, no, the fireplace wasn’t working but it was still beautiful. We changed places three times before settling on one place to sit. The waiter totally judged us! But we no cares.

I had chai (obviously) and Srijan had his hot chocolate (very obviously) and we talked about anything and everything–some things work, all things life. The food was a disappointment so it was a waste of money but definitely not a waste of time (never a waste of time with him <3).


A surprise was waiting for us back in the office. Let’s just we found out that we will have to go all the way to Mcleodganj then and there. It was freaking 7 degrees! So, that’s how I spent my evening, on a scooter with my teeth chattering in cold, cold wind.


I reached home around 7 and then a little bit of this and a little bit of that and I was done with everything by 8.30. Bhaiya and I are sharing a room after such a long time today! It feels good.

It is 9:17 pm as I write this to you and I don’t really have anything special to say to you other than to tell you that today, you were good.

Till tomorrow

Love, and lots of it

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