Dear December | The 1st | Surprise!

Dear December,

This is as surprising to me as it is to you. But, here I am. Hi. How have you been? Cold? I know. I am welcoming you this year with a little less enthusiasm but I am glad to be in a position to welcome you at all.

I am not quite sure about the conversations that I will have with you this time around. I find myself utterly drained–of energy, of emotion, of hope. But, trying is the key. So, try I shall.


Today began an hour later than my usual days. I got up around 8 and headed down to help maa in the kitchen only yo find out that didi had already done everything. So, I bathed, ate my cereal, and got ready to attend my Buddhism meeting. Oh! I went to a meeting after 8 months today. Yep, I haven’t been chanting. It’s a long story. I will tell you before you leave but not right now.


Today was a significant meeting and it went on for 4 hours. So, most of my mid morning was spent there. But, in the afternoon, I had a date with didi! We went to a place she had looked up to eat pancakes and as bizarre as it sounds, we needed to catch up with each other! I know. Weird. But, life has been crazy and we have not had time to be all over each other recently.

Over pancakes, tortilla wraps, and very delicious and large cup of masala chai, we caught up. I admitted that I have finally embraced my obsession for rings and my next dream (after Venice!) is to catch Imagine Dragons live. She told me her stuff which I obviously will not tell you.

But then, we walked home. It was about 12 km. And we talked a little, reminisced on our Europe trip (still can’t believe it actually happened!), and sang some songs. (Wow! alliteration. Okay, sorry.)


My evening was spent doing something I love. I cleaned. A lot. So, there has been some renovation around the house and there was A LOT of dirt. So, I cleaned that, redecorated my bathroom (still a WIP), and it was 8:15 pm when I was done.

Then I had dinner, took my meds, and played with Ram Dayal a little. Oh, yes! Ram Dayal. So, didi got a dog. And yes, we’ve named him Ram Dayal. Nope. Not kidding. His name really is Ram Dayal. Anyway, he is a little ball of fur and so, so cute. (I am still not an animal person, for the record).

Musing of the Day

It is 9:53 p.m. as I write this to you and one recurring thought that I had today was the realization that I have had a pretty amazing life. And I am just very, very thankful for it. Don’t roll your eyes at me. Gratitude doesn’t come easily when you’re contemplating every second whether to take the next breath or not. So, in the fleeting moments that it does come, I acknowledge it.

My letter may seem a little low on energy and that is because I am drained. I have been this way for a while now and I am trying to fill myself up again but no success so far. I have hope though. And that is a pretty big thing.

See you tomorrow, December.

Love, and lots of it,

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