“If you can’t be illogically good, uncomfortably good, if you can’t be loyal when no one is looking…what’s the point?” | My Thoughts on A Year of Wednesdays by Sonia Bahl

Every now and then, you pick up a book that is outside your reading comfort zone. For me, it was A Year of Wednesdays by Sonia Bahl. I’ll admit that I am not particularly a fan of contemporary Indian writers because somehow they can’t seem to think of anything outside the circle of love. But amidst my pre-established bias and impulsive decisions, I decided to give this book a shot.

And I am so glad I did. A Year of Wednesdays is a beautiful, beautiful book. As a writer, it is hard to make a reader fall in love with a character that doesn’t have a name. Only Sachin Kundalkar did it for me in Cobalt Blue. But Sonia Bahl made me obsess about two characters I cannot associate a name with and yet feel like I know from the deepest depths of my heart.

I absolutely love the concept of the book and the way the author has woven a story that extends to a year but doesn’t feel like a stretch. It is a relatable journey–something that can totally, absolutely happen to a common person. The ending will catch you by surprise but it will leave you feeling warm.

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