My thoughts on Halfway to Asphodel By Vishavraj Chauhan

When I was approached to review this book, the one thing that I was intrigued by was the title of the book. As I progressed in reading it, I was impressed by the reason behind the name of the book.

The book is, as I understand, a collection of what the author understands to be his best works from his blog by the same name. The book is divided into 5 sections covering aspects of Contemplative Philosophies, Romance, Personal, Silence, and Poetry.

Writing philosophy is not an easy task. It requires a lot of thinking, a ground, and most importantly, the ability to prove your perspective. These are the reasons I have high expectations from Philosophy books and it was no different this time around.

The things I liked about this book is that the author has woven all his perceptions into personal experiences from his life and also quoted words that inspired him. That is to say, the book is honest in its narration. Also, the chapters are not connected so you have the freedom to jump between them which is not commonly witnessed in philosophy books.

There are parts of the book that highlight the deep contemplation the author has endured and they really make one think about certain concepts. Yet I have mixed views about this book because there are also parts where the author’s philosophic comments on ideas are much too generic. There were times when I just wanted to stop because it didn’t feel like I was learning something new—an expectation fair of philosophy. However, I do not think that reading this book was a waste of time because, even though, there are parts I do not agree with, there are parts that had me thinking.

Overall, I would give this book 3 out of 5 book marks and would say that you should pick it up if you’d like to add another perspective to look at things to your knowledge.

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