My Thoughts on Aqson Level 1 by Sreejib

Aqson is one of those books that I both wanted to read because it spoke about a war between God and Lucifer and not wanted to read because it was set in Indian politics. But my mind convinced me to give it a shot. And I am glad that I did.

The book is a fantasy-fiction plotted against the backdrop of games of power being played between God and the Devil. The game begins in Athens in the year 1998 and carries us straight to 2018. The two teams—Team God and Team Devil—have decided to play for 30 years and win the seat of the Prime Minister of India.

I was pretty reluctant to enter into the book because it mostly revolves around student politics in India but when I started reading the book, it’s like I was hooked to it before I even realised.

The book has everything! From angels, politics, college-life, to peculiarities of how a game is to be played—the book maintains a good combination of reality and fiction. The author has done a wonderful job in discussing the socio-political issues in India by depicting, in all honesty, the way political parties are formed—and destroyed—overnight.

The story develops as we are carried to 2018 where a group of college-going students fall into student politics unexpectedly and the next supposed-to-be-prime-mister-of-India­ is shaken up by that. As would be obvious, the latter is the Devil’s weapon (aka his candidate for PM) and the former, the God’s.

These kids then set on a political journey which they think will end with their college life but they don’t know what God has in store for them.

My favourite character has to be Toya because she doesn’t believe in filters and always says what she thinks. Towards the end of the book, I also developed a liking for the character of Goenka, who is honest and protective of his friends.

The one thing that absolutely blew my mind was when Team God’s weapon was revealed. The author has some bizarre imagination and yet it doesn’t seem that eccentric. Towards the end, I was totally involved in the game and when the book ended, I was excited to see what will happen next.

I am gladly looking forward to the Level 2 of the game!

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