Dear December,

If Linguists play with language, it doesn’t count as language erosion, does it? Should I go to the doctor or do you think my 2-year-old gym injury will heal itself? Can I go two months without buying another book? Have I opted for the right courses this semester? What if I don’t get to eat rasmalai before I leave home?

Oh, that reminds me, you’re leaving today! I am so excited! Don’t worry, I come prepared with everything you ask of. I know the drill. But before that, I have my own drill to do. Shall we?

P.S: I am bidding you farewell from behind my quilt with a book in one hand and my besan shorba in another. Not that great but fairly well.  ^_^


I woke up at 7.30 because you were 6 degrees outside and it was so effing cold! But it was a Sunday so I didn’t have to get out of bed at that time and yep, that means my day began with 30 minutes of reading. Awesome, right? I made some progress with And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini and now I’m only left with about 116 pages and I think I’ll finish it tonight!

Today was what my pooch likes to call Never Before Sundays because I cooked a Marathi breakfast for peeps at home and well, it turned out to be okay. But the day started on a wonderful note so that’s a good thing, right? After everything was done, I chanted for 40 minutes and I completed 400,000 daimoku today! (and I began in March) Woohoo! It is definitely time for celebrations!

Mid-Morning and Afternoon

Okay, so after brewing everyone a cup of tea, I left to visit a temple with maa and didi and then we shopped! It was mostly grocery stuff but I bought a pair of really cute PJs! (Realization: I am obsessed with really weird things.) And they’re going to become my new travel pants. Nope, that is not to say that I am saying goodbye to my Batman PJs. Never!

We reached back home around 5ish following which I had a super-late lunch and then I helped bhaiya with some work.


I obviously wasn’t hungry for dinner so I had a glass of milk and some cookies to go with it because I really can’t afford to go to bed without eating anything. Gastro-intestinal infections are not a good thing to have, remember? Also, I have been coughing all day long. So, after dinner, maa made me some besan shorba and I sat in my warm bed, reading Khaled Hosseini.

It is ___ as I write this to you,

Aaaaaand now! What you have been waiting for all throughout your stay. You thought I forgot? Nope. I just don’t make a big deal of it. But that doesn’t mean I am not going to share the way your siblings treated me this year. You ready?

2017–The Year of Courage

All right, let’s do this.

January’s arrival was accompanied by a trip to Haridwar where I bathed in the holy river with all my heart’s joy. It was cold but enjoyable nonetheless. I couldn’t spend Lohri at home because I had to join my classes but I didn’t regret it because Garima and Arora got me!  But I lost my bruh in this month–no, not literally. Don’t give me that look. It’s just that Anuja dropped out of the Linguistics course (majorly after I convinced her parents to let her) but it broke my heart a little to watch her leave.

February had a lot of joy stored in for me but it brought some mixed feelings as well. It took me home on an impromptu trip (and I missed IMLD celebrations at the college) because I was considering dropping out of my MA in that semester. So, I came home but after the three best humans in the world held me, I decided to continue it. (And oh, I am glad that I did.) Also, it was February who convinced me to take up that reading challenge and that turned out be greater than great in so many ways!

March brought with himself a shattering heartbreak but hey, we are okay! ❤

April was well, herself. Just the bits of college-drama, nothing serious. I was losing a couple of friends I really held close to my heart but I don’t regret it because I am not going to change who I am because they cannot comprehend it. I have worked really hard to be this person. And it was because they left, that I grew closest to my bacha and found a really weird but a loyal friend in Swarali. Let’s just say, April helped me gain a lot of clarity.

May was awesooooommmmee!! Okay, so I had to write my exams when May was here but after that, I was home! And I welcomed June and July at home! It was the best summer ever. It was fun, obviously, but it was productive, and that is also when I broke my reading record by reading 3 books in 16 hours. Awesome, right?

I had to take July with me to Pune to start my new semester and it got a little hectic. August was full of college day celebrations and internal exams and stuff like that.

September’s visit this year was the best. I started my Bokstagram account in September and that took courage.

October was serious. I did acts of courage–I posted my first ever video to be viewed by random people online! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Well, do believe it because it’s true. But it was during his visit that I officially got diagnosed with depression because well, I decided to seek help. I know what you’re going to say–I have known that I have had this illness for so many years and I just kept it o myself but hey, better late than never, right? It’s just that I got scared because my depressive episodes were getting intense by the day and I didn’t want to put my family, and my pooch, through all of that.

November!! Ah! What can I tell you about that awesome month? Okay, so the beginning of November wasn’t all that great because I was sick–anti-depressants interfering with swollen cervical spine, iron and vitamin deficiency, and gastrointestinal infections. And don’t even get me started on my Psoriasis. I just hate it. So, that put my chanting out of track and I must have cried at least thrice because I was worried about my exams. Buuuutttt then comes my birthday and everything fell into place! Also, 2017 was the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE EVER that I CELEBRATED my birthday. No, I am serious. I dressed up. I invited humans I can tolerate; I asked them to dress up, and we had an amazing time. Come on, I even let them sing Happy Birthday to me. That’s gotta count for something, right? And can you even imagine that amount of courage it took me to type that invitation and to have more than 3 people around me for more than 2 hours? I did some bold stuff, man!

Although, of course, my pooch didn’t come to see me. Oh well, guess you can’t win them all. </3

And then, there was you December. You brought didi to me, made me re-visit the lands of realizations, you brought me home, and you were so cold. You were beautiful, December. In fact, this whole year was.

Until next time,

Love, and lots of it,



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