Dear December | The 28th | The 29th | The 30th

Dear December,

What is? If you want me to write to you every day, you have to make sure to not be so cold that I fall sick. Let me narrate to you my journey of three days.


To my surprise, I woke up with an aching throat and a running nose. Yep, I got the cold in the cold. So, after I gargled and had chai, I felt a little better but I was slow. So I couldn’t get a lot done. I spent the day binge-watching Jane the Virgin because I hadn’t seen it in so long. I had a lot of catching up to do! I also kinda virtually socialised and by dinner-time, I had exhausted myself completely. So I had besan shorba and went to bed.


Friday was a productive day. I was still sick but I got quite a lot of work done. It felt good. I also read a lot and caught up on my correspondence. But the best part of the day was that I bought 6 e-books! 😀


Today was a weird day. I have absolutely no feels that you’re leaving tomorrow! Maybe they’ll all come tomorrow at once? Who knows!

Anyway, here’s what happened today:


Aching throat, running nose, cold you, sick pooch. -_-

I woke up at around 8 that’s only because maa had an off today. After the routine was done, I chanted for 40 minutes, and come mid-morning, my day began. I got some work done and when it was too much for my eyes to take, I read.


I made progress with both the books that I had been reading. I think I shall be able to finish them before you leave but let’s see. What else, I had more of a liquid lunch today because hello aching throat! And after that I think I dozed off for an hour or so.


I woke up around 5.30, made myself a cup of tea, edited videos for insta, and then read. I was too tired to do anything else. Also, blues of saying goodbye to Dharamshala has started setting in that is to say my mood keppt swinging the whole day today.


I had a late dinner today. I ate around 9ish following which I just chilled with didi because I didn’t want to leave my bed. I finished reading The House by the Sea and we shall discuss it later (no that it deserves a dedicated discussion).

Anyway, it’s 11.03 p.m. right now and well

Musing of the day

Why have I never challenged my health?
-I don’t want to leave here.
-But it’s only 4 more months and I’ll be an MA Graduate!! :O
-Should I have another chai?
-Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? (reference: the book I have been reading today). I think it’s the opposite.
-I don’t want to leave here.
-I want chai.

I am very excited for our last meeting tomorrow, December.

Love, and lots of it,

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