2017 Reading Year in Review | Episode 3 | Books that could have been Better.


I know you’re here because you already saw the introductory video on instagram. The following books are books that I was very excited about but the story was disappointing. That is not to say that they were completely horrendous–some had good writing, others had a good plot. But if you’re anything like me, you should give them a pass.

(I have not posted a dedicated review of these books as I didn’t think they were worth it.)

  1. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards:
    All right, so the book is about a doctor who while delivering twins for his wife discovers that the girl baby has Down’s syndrome so he tells the wife that the girl baby was born dead and gives it to a nurse to abandon her. The nurse, of course, does not abandon her and takes the decision to leave town and raise her as her own.In my opinion, This book is everything that is wrong with humans–complicating the most simplistic things in life. I might be able to convince myself that the doctor’s reasons for giving away the girl child were reasonable (which they were not), the fact that he let his guilt destroy his family is just stupid. The book is heavily descriptive for no reason. Honestly, it would have been just fine if it were half the size. Also, the couple does not realize that they do have a perfectly healthy child who deserves their love and attention.Towards the second half of the book, everyone just begins to use the death of that person as an excuse to do whatever it is that they want to do (including cheating on your spouse, for example, not once but 4 times.) What the effed up logic is that?The only part that I liked about this book is the way the nurse’s (who takes care of the baby girl) life grew. She and her husband, who is introduced later in the story, appear to be the only sensible creatures in the entire book. Other than them, and the girl probably, the book is the epitome of human stupidity.
  2. Daughter by Jane Shemilt: 
    Daughter is the story of a woman whose daughter one day mysteriously disappears one day after her school play and is, obviously, nowhere to be found. Her mother is worried sick and the daughter remains missing for a year. I was very excited to read this book because of the mystery angle that it had into it but it turned out to be a disappointment.For the first section of the book, every turn of events is so predictable, you end up getting bored. The book is narrated alternatively in past and present (the day when Naomi goes missing and a year after when she’s still missing) but somehow both the time frames focus on the same event.The book does pick up the pace in the middle as more secrets are revealed and a potential kidnapper is brought into the limelight, whose connection to Jenny’s daughter and the entire family was woven amazingly but the ending just disappoints you again.It is an okayish one time read but not an extraordinary story so you won’t be missing much if you gave it a pass.
  3. The Door to December by Dean Koonz:
    I will only say one thing about this book. Don’t read it.


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