Dear December | The 26th | The 27th

Dear December,

You be getting cold as you’re about to say goodbye! ❤ And well, here’s me promising that as we’re nearing your farewell, I will go back to writing a letter to you every day. ^_^

Let me fill you up!


So, Tuesday was a damn-ass lazy day. I woke up late and every thing was pushed 2 hours further. I couldn’t chant that day and then I just chilled. I had planned to film videos in the afternoon but to my surprise, my laptop’s camera wasn’t working!! And all my plan to film videos went in the drain. My other camera wasn’t working as well and there wasn’t enough light to film on my phone so yeah, that. All my afternoon went into trying to figure that out and I couldn’t even get any work done.

In the evening, maa wasn’t feeling all that great so after I helped her make dinner, I gave her a massage and well, tired I went to bed. Nothing interesting happened except for me discovering the fact that I absolutely dislike the new Windows 10 updates.


Well, today was fun, and tiring!


I woke up at 7 today!! But only because maa wasn’t well. So I did with the chores and well, I chanted for 30 minutes before beginning my day. While I was doing chores that didn’t actively need me, I continued reading And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini. Come mid-morning, my day began and I decided to film the videos first and then work.

But guess what! Yep. That’s right. Laptop’s camera crashed again. And you were cloudy today so there was no way I could have filmed outside. But, my phone came to my rescue and so I filmed all the videos I had to for this year while I was at it. 😀


Oh that’s right. My entire day went in filming videos and then figuring out what’s wrong with the laptop. Still haven’t figured it out though, just in case you’re wondering. Stupid Windows 10.

After I posted the announcement video for my 2017 Reading Year in Review section on insta, I got down to researching for work.


Maa wasn’t well so I cooked and made sure everyone ate. After that, I posted the first episode of the RYR on insta and my blog and well, then it was time to talk to you.

It is 9:46 p.m. as I write this to you and December, I have missed you.

Musing of the day

Books are beautiful! While talking about all the books that I read this year, you reminded me of just how much I love them! And why I want to be a publisher! And the reason why I am more passionate about books than all other things! Because books have power. They have the power to change people; make them a better person.; educate them about things schools don’t talk about; make them question things. And that is exactly why I want to be a publisher–to bring valuable literature in this world.

And guess what I’m going to do now? Read. ^_^

See you tomorrow, December.

Love, and lots of it,

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