Dear December | The 23rd | The 24th | The 25th

Dear December,

Believe me, I am not trying to build a pattern here. Things are all sorts of crazy. I am all sorts of crazy. So, shall I fill you up on the missing days? All right then, brace yourself.


Okay so I appreciate how you don’t waste a single second in granting some of my wishes. Saturday was a super-busy day especially in terms of work. My day started with binge-watching a couple of episodes of 9JKL and then I read a little but come mid-morning my day began. And most of it went in that. I continued reading And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini and The House by the Sea by Santa Montefiore. And they’re just okay. Come evening, I kept trying to deal with my mood swings and I think I fell asleep in the process.


So, everyone was home on Sunday and I had to work. So, yeah. I uploaded all my pending reviews on the blog and tried to reason with my clients which was just ugh! In the evening, I had a movie date with maa, didi, and bhaiya. Nope. Don’t ask me which movie it was but just know that bhaiya is going to buy me a book to make up for it. 😛

We got home at 12 and I slept at 1.30 so my next day was messed up.


Morning and Mid-Morning

Well, I woke up at 8.30 and after all the morning routine I chanted for 50 minutes. Bliss. Following that, I made everyone a cup of tea. I spent most of today with didi. We’re re-decorating her room so she and I were sorting through furniture and stuff. It was fun!!  also stole moments of reading time, you know? Like while making tea or walking to the shop, or when we were sitting in the sun and stuff.

Afternoon and Evening

Obviously, each one of us was sleep-deprived so the afternoon went in sleeping and didi and I woke up at 6 in the evening! Crazy, right? Also, one of my cousins who is getting married next year (I don’t know, why) came to visit. I have a date with him tomorrow evening! ^_^


I had my dinner around 8.30 and Gurveen has been trying to upload a video we filmed together for such a long time, I am still waiting for it. I don’t know. I want to see it!! In the meantime, I uploaded two book reviews on my blogs–both of books dearly ,dearly favourite to me. ❤

It’s 10.21 p.m. as I write this to you and let’s it’s going to be a pointed list:

  • My pooch is sick. 😦 </3
  • Why do people get married? They should if they want to but shaadi to karni hi hoti hai is not reason. Not to me, at least.
  • Which tattoo should I get next and where?
  • Will I ever be able to read all the books I want?
  • Why am I the only one in the family who reads like crazy? No, wait. My dad did it. That counts. Yes, it does. I have inherited this from him. ❤
  • Why don’t people do anything for themselves?
  • Also, why can’t anyone be their own Santa?

Oh! oh! oh! Bhaiya ordered a bookish box for me from booksandbeyond to make up for that movie! How cool is he? Very. 😀

See you tomorrow? (or maybe three days later) I still love you December and I will bid you a proper goodbye.

Till then,

Love, and lots of it,


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