Becoming all that I can.

Bits and Pieces

Everything that I have been, am, and want to be. And a little bit more.

Life has been, well, life but the real joy is in sharing it with one and all.

Learn my life’s Bits and Pieces.

My Depression Diary

My fights, conversations, and co-existence with the many voices in my head.

1 suicide attempt, three relapses, and infinite spirals later, this is me.

Read My Depression Diary.

Nerdy Bookish Pahadan

The side of me that loves to disappear into all things words.

A lot of me comes from books and I write most of it down.

Flip through my book journal.

My Ordinary Life

Chronicles of the friendship I share with December.

I am not a December baby but it is still a dear friend to me.

Say hi to my Dear December.

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